SHAPE is a real estate investment, development, and management company leading some of the largest and most exciting projects in North America founded in 2005. The firm was started with a vision – to set a new standard for urban design, home investment, and quality of life in North America. Fueled by this relentless pursuit, the company has undertaken some of the most ambitious projects in Metro Vancouver, Calgary, and, most recently, Toronto.
There is no playbook for master plans of the size, scale, and complexity that they create. They travel the world and seek inspiration from other markets and industries. They are uncompromising in their standards and fearless in their approach. They thrive when they are challenged. As a result, they are pioneering a new model for urban development that will change the lifestyle and landscape of the markets where they do business. Driven by the philosophy of creating a dramatically different offering, along with their commitment and passion for client satisfaction, SHAPE is elevating standards in the commercial real estate sector.
SHAPE brings together a young and dynamic group of individuals with significant real estate experience and a track record of success. The unique combination of experience and vision brought together by the members of SHAPE has enabled it to capitalize on emerging opportunities for real estate investment, quickly becoming one of British Columbia’s leading commercial real estate companies.


SHAPE’s current focus is on retail and mixed-use properties, with retail serving as a catalyst in locations with high tenant demand and limited availability of undeveloped commercial land. SHAPE’s targeted, proactive acquisitions methodology, combined with solid tenant connections, has allowed it to find and secure a considerable number of appealing new projects. In their increasing portfolio, SHAPE now maintains approximately 370 acres. The Amazing Brentwood, The City of Lougheed, and RC at CF Richmond Centre are three of North America’s most major master-planned projects. SHAPE specializes in constructing complete communities with stores, restaurants, entertainment, and high-rise housing in one intelligently planned area with speedy transportation links and a bold vision and tireless pursuit of perfection. Source: SHAPE

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RC at CF Richmond Centre