Sher Corporation

Sher Corporation

The Sher Corporation has the skill to take a distinctive approach to the Toronto real estate market. They are working on projects all throughout the Greater Toronto Area with the intention of defining the character of the city’s landscape. Because of their leadership, they have an unusual grasp of the needs of the city, which influences the way they approach architecture and infrastructure.
The company’s primary goal is to permanently alter the urban landscape of Downtown Toronto with stunningly contemporary structures. Working with infill sites, where they perform a variety of tasks including reviewing, accessing, acquiring, and developing, is their area of expertise. The Sher Corporation is committed to enhancing the lives of homeowners by providing them with high-quality spaces that combine the newest trends in architecture and design with classic forms.
Shakeel Walji, the organization’s head, is to be credited for this success. Compared to other developer leaders in the city, Walji stands out. Walji has experience as a professional engineer, in contrast to other executives of development enterprises throughout the GTA who have backgrounds in real estate, finance, or the law. He has more than 28 years of expertise in the real estate industry and brings a rare and unmatched understanding of development to the table. This viewpoint enables him to approach advancements with an eye toward practicality while also having a good sense of aesthetics.


His objective is to design projects that stand out from the competition while still blending in smoothly with the neighbourhoods they are located in. Walji has a wealth of marketing expertise. He started collaborating with Brad Lamb in 1995 on tasks including 180 Frederick and Liberty Lofts. He possesses a unique blend of skills that has given him the ability to approach development initiatives from an entirely new perspective. Source: Sher Corporation

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