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Slate Asset Management is a worldwide investment and asset management with the audacious goal of producing long-term value for its clients and partners by reimagining the potential of assets, markets, and opportunities that others ignore. Slate was built on the principle of doing things differently. They strive every day to achieve the potential of projects, while keeping the process straightforward and accessible for its investors. As entrepreneurs who handle each investment as if it were their own, their investors are certain that their cash is in excellent hands. They are intrinsically motivated to challenge the status quo in order to identify, develop, and capitalize on possibilities that others overlook. It implies that they are obligated to perform in an agile and responsive manner, as required by their portfolio, without losing sight of the people they serve or the profits they want to produce.
Their concentration is on real estate fundamentals, and they seek to acquire assets at substantial discounts to replacement costs. This decreases risk, safeguards money, boosts adaptability, and improves returns. Identifying market sectors where high-quality real estate is mispriced fundamentally. They modify their strategies in order to predict capital flows and capitalize on shifts in macroeconomic and real estate trends.
Real estate professionals with hands-on asset management experience. They seek long-term value through opportunistic repositioning, redevelopment, in-fill development, and distressed portfolio opportunities. Establishing relationships based on openness, respect, and trust in all aspects of the global commercial real estate sector. They strive to be accessible and establish a reputation for execution and as a preferred partner, which they feel will enable them to execute a large number of off-market and on-market appealing projects. They feel that a fiduciary’s obligation is not confined to earning financial returns; they are also aware that they must be excellent stewards of the environment. All of their stakeholders reside on their planet, thus they think it is their responsibility to embrace and engage in sustainable design and management. Source: Slate Asset Management


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