Streetcar Developments

Streetcar Developments

Streetcar Development has established a well-deserved reputation as a developer in Toronto that makes investments in vibrant neighbourhoods that raise the standard of living for entire neighbourhoods. Every one of their well-known projects blends in perfectly with its surroundings, honouring the area’s historic appearance and feel while offering a peek of what might be. Since 2002, Streetcar Developments has planned and built a number of mixed-use, community-focused projects in some of Toronto’s most cherished neighbourhoods. They have gained recognition along the way for being a special kind who makes investments in vibrant neighbourhoods, raising the standard of living for entire communities.
Streetcar Developments enthusiastically accepts its duty to contribute to the development of a more livable and culturally diverse Toronto out of unrelenting dedication to see that this wonderful city lives up to its full potential. Streetcar creates a range of modern urban residences to suit everyone’s lifestyle, whether a buyer is searching for a loft condo, townhouse, or live/work space. They also recognize that a homeowner’s experience includes the neighbourhood’s culture and community in addition to the confines of a single dwelling.
Streetcar Developments aims to enhance the neighbourhood’s attractiveness by providing fresh beauty to Toronto’s existing streetscapes. They tend to have modern architecture and high-end finishes in the majority of their buildings, including hardwood floors, stone countertops, manufactured kitchens, Energy Star stainless steel appliances, nine-or ten-foot ceilings, some bedrooms with sliding frosted glass panel doors, and green roofs on all of their structures.


A sequence of mixed-use communities that continue to offer their future residents the ease of having everything nearby were designed with panache by Streetcar. The majority of underutilized neighbourhoods see their streetscapes transformed, and they are revitalized, making all of their developments highly sought-after addresses. Source: Streetcar Developments

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641 Queen Street East Condos