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Streetwise Capital Partners Inc. was founded in 2003 and is a Toronto-based private investment firm. Together with management teams, the experienced investors and business operators at Streetwise Capital Partners, Inc. are committed to rebuilding distressed enterprises. providing targeted funding to small and medium-sized businesses. They are skilled at delivering extraordinary returns for their investors and have contributed to the creation of substantial wealth for all parties engaged in their ventures. Streetwise Capital Partners, Inc. specializes in both distressed investments and real estate investments. A company that specializes in giving advice about real estate to a wide range of investors and individual customers.
They believe in providing personalized service to their clients and concentrate on distressed investments. Their greatest customers are corporations with overleveraged balance sheets, a lack of liquidity, inadequate cost and management controls, or cyclical economic downturns. A team of professionals and a lot of experience help these businesses get out of their financial troubles.


Streetwise focuses on purchasing the debts of financially distressed enterprises and attempting to influence the eventual result of restructurings. Streetwise’s founders have vast expertise in dealing with distressed assets, adding value throughout the workout process via a hands-on approach. Streetwise is looking for financially distressed, small-to medium-sized businesses that have the potential for business development but are underperforming due to factors such as overleveraged balance sheets, a lack of liquidity, weak cost and management controls, or cyclical economic downturns. Source: Streetwise Capital Partners

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