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Tercot Communities is a prominent real estate development firm. They focus on the purchase, planning, and development of premier Ontario residential, commercial, and industrial assets.
The organization takes a long-term strategy to land development, creating communities for the present and the future. Tercot creates projects from scratch to fulfill the diverse needs of community stakeholders, with a strong commitment to sustainability and environmental awareness. This is accomplished by strategic planning, rigorous attention to detail, and an unshakable devotion to the individuals and families who place their faith in us and choose to live in the communities they construct.
The primary concept is to create sustainable communities in which families may flourish and genuinely interact with environment. These communities place a premium on location, and their homes have inventive design elements that improve day-to-day living and encourage true delight. Source: Tercot Communities


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Pier 8

7350 Markham Rd Townhomes