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The Terracap Group of Companies, headquartered in Toronto, is a fully integrated owner, developer, and operator of high-quality real estate assets across North America. Larry Krauss, the company’s CEO, has been engaged in over 100 real estate transactions in North America over the last 30 years. Diverse real estate assets are held by the corporation, including multi-residential buildings, development sites, retail, office, industrial, and hotel properties. Larry’s direct participation in numerous real estate transactions has increased the value of the investments through active management, tax-innovative structures, redevelopment, re-merchandising plans, creative financing, and the acquisition of underperforming assets at strategic prices in key markets and the repositioning of these properties. Terracap’s success has been predicated on its close relationships with major investors.
The Terracap Group purchases, redevelops, rents, and manages its real estate assets, and has continued to expand and use its strong history and skilled workforce to secure and strategically manage its investments due to its track record of success. Today, the Terracap Group and affiliated entities hold approximately 5 million square feet of well-positioned, high-quality real estate assets. This mostly consists of retail malls with national tenants throughout Canada, extending from British Columbia to Quebec, as well as commercial and residential properties in Dallas, Kansas City, and other locations of Florida. In addition, Terracap is now engaged in the building of two mixed-use commercial and residential skyscrapers in Toronto’s most desirable neighborhoods.
In accordance with its strategy directive to reposition assets for the future, Terracap has a number of Master Planning processes ongoing for its most important properties in order to optimize the future potential of these locations. Source: Terracap


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