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The Berkley Group of Companies is a Toronto, Canada-based private investment and development corporation. Berkley has a strong track record of investing, managing, and growing real estate across all major asset classes over the last decade. Berkley invests prudently in corporate private equity deals and public stock markets via its connected organizations. As a privately owned company with its own resources, Berkley may be able to move quickly on investment opportunities.
The Berkley Group of Companies was established with an emphasis on real estate investments in metropolitan cities undergoing rapid expansion. Starting with the construction of two single-family houses in 1995, the firm has expanded to encompass single-family home subdivisions, infill townhouse projects, purpose-built rental apartment complexes, and large multi-phased condominium developments.


In addition, the company and its subsidiaries have made shrewd purchases of income-producing real estate holdings in southern Ontario, southern Florida, New York, Texas, and Colorado. The Group is a privately owned investment organization committed to providing its tenants, residents, and partners with the highest possible value. The Berkley Private Equity Group invests prudently in non-real estate enterprises run by seasoned industry veterans. In the past, the group has made investments in car dealerships, private banks, manufacturing facilities, litigation finance, and fast food franchises. When money is tight or when family-owned businesses want to sell or get more cash, Berkley may be able to help with finances and management. Source: The Berkley Group of Companies

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