The Goldman Group

The Goldman Group

The Goldman Group is a real estate development group led by Murray Goldman. He has worked tirelessly to help shape the landscape of Toronto throughout his fifty-plus years as a real estate developer. He strongly believes in leaving the world a better place than you found it and strives to make Toronto a better place to live. He is characterized as a straightforward yet shrewd deal maker and has garnered respect throughout the industry as one of the most successful and iconic developers in the Greater Toronto Area.
His natural negotiation abilities were shaped when he began working as a car salesman in Toronto, but his whole life changed when two real estate agents entered his dealership one day in the 1950s. Murray was making $7,000 a year at the time, and when he learned the real estate agents were earning significantly more, he decided it was time for a career change.
He began working as a real estate agent for Brethour and Morris, and despite being the youngest agent on the firm’s expansive roster, Murray successfully sold two houses on his first day and became the company’s top salesman for the following seven months. It seemed he had found his niche, but he eventually realized that he was working to make money for other people, so in 1958 he struck out on his own and formed a development company.


He began by acquiring land and rezoning it for other developers to build on. Today, Murray still works with his family, as his son and grandson hold key positions in the company. Murray and The Goldman Group have worked to develop over 110 projects in Toronto, placing Murray amidst the pantheon of professionals who have shaped the city of Toronto. He is working to continue building up the region with several exciting projects. As Toronto continues to fulfill its destiny as one of the world’s most important global cities, Murray and his development group will strive to make meaningful contributions and truly make Toronto a better city to live in. Source: The Goldman Group

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