Times Group Corporation

Times Group Corporation

Times Group Corporation, based in Markham, has been a leading Canadian-owned and operated real estate development corporation for almost 35 years. With a vision to create contemporary, sustainable and quality communities where beautiful homes, successful businesses, and healthy economies may prosper and develop, they have designed and built some of the greatest commercial and residential structures in the Greater Toronto Area.
Their experience and knowledge represent a positive, ambitious, and hardworking culture. You will recognize the difference produced by outstanding development and construction whether you stroll into Richmond Hill’s iconic Times Square, a luxury high-rise condominium on King Street, picnic at an award-winning public park in Markham, or have lunch at our Whole Foods Shopping Centre in Unionville.
Each project at Times Group is a chance to improve. They are proud pioneers of luxury LEED® buildings, and their structures use the finest in planning, design, and construction technologies. The result is creations that demonstrate creativity, experience, and attention to detail.


Within the Times Group family, Life Construction, Times Property Management, and T2 Condo Rentals collaborate to build communities that make sense, look great, and stay forever. Source: Times Group Corporation

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