Trinity Point Developments

Trinity Point Developments

Trinity Point is a well-established real estate developer based in Vaughan that has recently joined the industry as a division of Greenpark Group. The company is led by President Julian Baldassarra, who has over 12 years of construction expertise. Trinity Point is based on a foundation of highly driven and experienced people that collaborate to get things done. Each member has honed their trade with the country’s top developers while having a distinct vision for the future of the industry.
What defines them is their comprehensive approach to development, which begins with a vision for a finished house, mid-rise, high-rise, commercial, or office space. They have set their sights on reinventing what it means to live in a truly mixed-use community. They have developed five basic ideals that are present at all times as a result of their distinctive approach. Connectivity, permeability, an active public realm, targeted retail, selected amenities, and placemaking are all important considerations. By adhering to these essential principles, our team has successfully developed remarkable suburban communities across Ontario.
Trinity Point features a cutting-edge design studio where you can design your own house. The studio employs skilled design advisors who can walk you through the process and assist you in selecting the best features and finishes for your new house. Tarion is backing a property in Trinity Point. You can register for Tarion’s MyHome ( as soon as you take ownership. MyHome is a web-based solution that allows you to make warranty claims and upload supporting documentation directly to your builder and Tarion from your computer or mobile device.


This company is projected to exceed industry standards as a branch of Greenpark Group. People can see the ambitious and fiery passion of this seasoned team of industry-leading specialists via their various anticipated condo projects. This developer is new to the GTA, but they’re already preparing for success by following industry standards. Source: Trinity Point Developments

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