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Trolleybus is a well-capitalized real estate development company that operates in the Greater Toronto Area and select areas outside of Canada. We specialize in the purchase of contiguous properties via the assembly process, thereby generating redevelopment-ready land parcels of a greater size. Then, they invest significant time and capital in working with the city and local stakeholders to lead and manage a progressive and responsible land use rezoning process that will transform the newly assembled properties into a more sustainable housing format that meets the needs of a growing population.
On every project they purchase, they assign a professional team of in-house architects and urban planners to guarantee that the project design is both aesthetically and functionally pleasing to the community. They aim for a balance in detecting and reacting to the sensitive challenge of developing contextually suitable innovations. Trolleybus collaborates with the leading experts in the industry to give a broad variety of viewpoints in the fields of urban design and built form; market economics; sustainability; and transportation. Continuous cooperation with gifted architects, engineers, and economists provides novel approaches to neighborhood development.
Prospecting a land assembly is time-consuming and requires substantial study to establish the planning risk, ideal design, and economic feasibility of the possibility. Only when trolleybus is certain that a land assembly is practical and the advantages to current property owners are substantial, do we provide the possibility. Trolleybus focuses on the potential to concentrate intensification in densely populated locations, such as urban development centers, key transit station districts, and intensification corridors. Source: Trolleybus Urban Development


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