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Trolleybus is a well-capitalized real estate development firm that works in and around the Greater Toronto Area as well as in chosen regions outside of Canada. We specialize in the acquisition of contiguous properties via the assembly process, resulting in larger redevelopment-ready land lots. Then, they devote substantial time and resources to leading and managing a progressive and responsible land use rezoning process that will turn the newly collected lands into a more sustainable housing structure that fits the demands of a rising population.
They deploy a professional team of in-house architects and urban planners to each project they acquire to ensure that the project design is both visually and operationally attractive to the neighborhood. They strive for balance in recognizing and responding to the delicate problem of producing contextually appropriate innovations. Trolleybus works with industry professionals to provide a wide range of perspectives on urban design and built form, market economics, sustainability, and transportation. Constant collaboration with talented architects, engineers, and economists yields creative ways to community development.
Prospecting a land assembly takes time and involves extensive research to determine the planning risk, optimal design, and economic viability of the prospect. Only when trolleybus is certain that a land assembly is feasible and that the benefits to present property owners are significant do we offer the option. Trolleybus focuses on the possibility for intensification to be concentrated in highly populated areas such as urban development centers, significant transit station districts, and intensification corridors. Source: Trolleybus Urban Development


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