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Since 1996, when Urban Capital started constructing the 48-unit Camden Lofts, these have been the company’s guiding principles. This proposal, situated on dusty Camden Street in the then-depleted Fashion District west of downtown Toronto, broke the city’s development standards. Camden’s urban living necessitates a measure of volume rather than an area measure. The development was based on the idea that deindustrialized urban areas could be revitalized as viable metropolitan hubs. It is possible for urban condominiums with a focus on design to compete with suburban homes, and there are some who want more.
The 66-unit Charlotte Lofts are located just across Spadina from their first Ottawa structure, East Market. This project, comprised of 420 units, brought what they had learned in Camden and Charlotte to their then-conservative national capital and proved that people outside of the downtown Toronto microcosm also preferred their urban living concept. Since those early days, they have built over 4,900 urban condominiums, with another 3,900 now under construction and thousands more in the pipeline, for a total development value of over $4.4 billion. They’ve expanded to Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Edmonton, and Halifax since 2013. They added Montreal to their portfolio in 2003. They brought the famous architects Saucier + Perrotte to Toronto in 2009 to work on their River City project.
Regarding urban location, luxurious but functional design, and eco-friendly living, their work has pushed the envelope or established the standard. Today, this DNA is continued with new markets, new architectural approaches, new interior features and layouts, and new environmental measures. As urban centers get more crowded, the quantity of developable land decreases. Therefore, the art and science of building huge buildings on small lots are becoming more important. Metropolitan Capital has over 15 years of experience building in densely populated cities. Source: Urban Capital


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