Urban Legend Developments Ltd.

Urban Legend Developments Ltd.

Urban Legend Developments Ltd. is a dedicated developer of distinctive urban condominiums in the Waterloo Region. They make it simple for people of all ages to live in exquisitely designed spaces, provided they share their passion for excellence and inspired living. By thinking beyond the box, they challenge accepted norms. They determine the best path forward after establishing the end goal.
With their customers in mind, they carry out their operations through imaginatively themed, beautifully designed, immersive, and one-of-a-kind developments. Their goods are designed to be both practical and inspiring. And they only work with partners and people skilled at creating their interests with pride.
Urban Legend Developments Ltd. has been built on four guiding principles: they hold all partners and employees accountable for inclusivity, being lean and organized, precision, and progressiveness. They appreciate modesty and dislike egos. They respect differing viewpoints. Everyone has to stay up and contribute their fair share.


They respect loyalty and consider themselves a professional sports team, not a recreational league. They value simplicity, do away with unnecessary complexity, and address issues swiftly. They enjoy improving things as they relentlessly eliminate complacency. They value and honour originality. Source: Urban Legend Developments Ltd.

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