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For almost 60 years, Valery Homes has been building on a legacy of quality. A long-standing, family-run business will provide personal service, pride in craftsmanship, exceptional design, and unrivalled elegance. Valery Homes is a family-owned company that specializes in the construction of condominium and apartment complexes, townhouses, master-planned projects, and commercial/retail units. The firm has achieved significant heights and successes, having built an award-winning business led by President and Co-founder Ted Valeri and Vice-President Anthony Valeri. The firm also specializes in developing family-oriented quality communities that meet the highest standards of excellence for easy and pleasant living.
For many years, Valery Homes has been combining creative vision with the utility of comfortable and appealing living spaces in an affluent and opulent approach. Valery creates cutting-edge designs in the most inviting communities, where family values and quality of life coexist. This team strives for the highest quality in their ideas and construction, which is why they are present at all stages of the construction process. They offer to give not just houses but also top-of-the-line facilities that will improve their tenants’ quality of life, from singles to townhomes, semis to luxury condominiums. When you choose this firm, you are selecting a team that will deliver your new house with the utmost creativity, cutting-edge designs, and great service.
Valery Homes offers a Design Centre for its prospective homebuyers—here, customers can design the homes of their dreams for themselves or their future renters to flourish in. Terri Parisani, the company’s decor manager, assists and advises consumers throughout the design process. The centre provides four easy steps for constructing your ideal house. You will be able to modify your door designs and kinds, add entrances, replace fixtures, convert a standing shower to a tub, increase or decrease windows, and finally pick colour palettes that fit your lifestyle in these four phases.


Moderne Condos is one of their most anticipated forthcoming projects. This luxurious condominium is now in the pre-construction phase and is the most recent addition to the imaginative Royal Connaught Square redevelopment project. Once finished, The Moderne Condo will be one of the highest condominium complexes in the downtown Hamilton area, standing 36 floors tall. It will be erected upon a historical monument that will serve as the building’s platform, integrating aspects of the past and current for an unrivalled level of life.

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The Moderne