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Vandyk Properties has over four decades of expertise in the North American real estate market. As real estate operators, they maintain best-in-class operational performance while collaborating with institutional and private financial partners. They do not follow trends at Vandyk Properties; rather, they create them. They have extensive knowledge of the real estate and investment industries and are dedicated to attaining success in all areas.
They believe in making significant contributions to the communities in which they build, while challenging the status quo with a focus on sustainability. They provide project-specific solutions that are appropriate for both end-users and funders. As astute investors, Vandyk Properties maintains a firm grip and pulse on the ever-changing market, as well as the agility and responsiveness to capitalize on advantageous opportunities. Currently, its active investment mandates are centered on three subjects: Transit-Oriented Communities, Infill Low-Rise Special Situations, and 18-Hour Coastal American Cities.
They do not follow trends at Vandyk Properties; rather, they create them. Their Transit Oriented Communities business is significant. They are the first organization in Ontario to work on this plan with Metrolinx. They realize the requirements for executing this new plan to provide infrastructure for housing and transit without using public dollars. This criteria comprises the capacity to positively contribute to social needs such as non-market community benefits and affordable housing, in addition to the capacity to manage the complexity of soil purification, non-conventional technical solutions, and unique assessments. Source: Vandyk Properties


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