Vicini Homes

Vicini Homes

Vicini Homes is a dynamic and dedicated group of people who care deeply about community, quality of life, and real estate. In Italian, vicini means “neighbour,” and they believe in being good neighbours. They, like any good neighbour, want to make a constructive contribution to our community.
A Vicini home is a high-quality house where people may spend their lives inside and outside. It’s a property that’s a good investment for the present and the future. It has been meticulously planned to maximize livability for the inhabitants and their families. They build in urban areas so that their neighbourhood becomes an extension of their house, and their commute allows them to enjoy what is important to them.
They are a subsidiary of the Conwest Group, a local developer with more than 30 years of experience. The Conwest Group is built on the foundation of solid business partnerships, exceptional customer service, excellent product quality, and an experienced and dedicated team of people. Vicini Homes believe that living is about striking the right balance. They think about things like the neighbourhood and schools, parks, shops, restaurants, bike lanes, transit, culture, diversity, friends and family, and so on.


Homeowners in Vicini can be confident in their investments. Their homes are designed with industry-proven construction processes and incorporate contemporary, long-lasting materials and the newest building technologies. Vicini Homes meticulously manages the building process, taking the time to ensure that each element is installed correctly and doing frequent site assessments and inspections during development. Source: Vicini Homes

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