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YYZed Project Management Inc. has distinguished itself in the marketplace as a renowned urban development and project management agency that employs a wide variety of organizational and specialized project management methods. Since 1999, their company has been internationally acknowledged as an industry leader in land development, project management, and construction management.
YYZed has earned a sterling reputation as a trustworthy and well-established partnership platform by delivering a plethora of successful project management solutions for an industry-spanning list of initiatives across the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario.
A single point of contact is required for the satisfaction of their customers. Their ultimate goal is to consolidate all consultant service specialties under one roof. Multiple enterprise-spanning pillars are in place, and their track record demonstrates that their early involvement in development planning reduces stakeholder and client costs by continuously quantifying practices that maintain their unique Guaranteed Maximum Price contract delivery from inception to completion. From site acquisition and conceptualization through the selection of every team member and beyond, they represent owners and other stakeholders. When mobilizing techniques, their efficacy is determined by the strength of their connections. In reality, their experiences have proved that their unique approach and procedures almost ensure the three industry-standard constraints: on-time, within scope, and under budget. Source: YYZed Project Management


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