Zancor Homes

Zancor Homes

With its top-quality, fully equipped communities, Zancor Homes, an award-winning luxury home builder with a presence in Concord, has won over happy purchasers since 2001. With its innovative approach to personalized service, which is acknowledged as the key to its enormous success, this insurgent developer has been breaking industry standards and carving its path in the real estate market.
A distinctive business approach for this company, this house builder has gathered a varied portfolio of building projects intending to exceed customers’ expectations.
Fabrizio Cortellucci, owner and principal of Zancor Homes, states that consumers always remember when they go above and beyond to ensure their satisfaction. As a result, from top management to front-line employees, this property developer is committed to providing the best possible customer service throughout the whole business. A developer who is so actively involved in day-to-day business operations that he is known to sit down with architects to discuss floor designs, Cortellucci shares this devotion.


They participate in charitable organizations and give back to the community while they are not building homes. Every new house begins with a heart, as seen by the fact that this home builder is deeply committed to all they do, whether it be giving back to the community or offering customer care. These core values have defined each neighbourhood and condominium they have built over the years, and have, most importantly, improved the lives of everyone who calls Zancor HOME. Source: Zancor Homes

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