Zehr Group

Zehr Group

Zehr originated as an asset holding firm in the 1970s and has subsequently evolved to include development, construction, and property management services. Zehr Development Corporation, Zehr Levesque Inc., and Zehr Management Inc. are all subsidiaries of Zehr today. Zehr, together with management partners Don Zehr and John MacDonald, has emerged as a rising star in a variety of real estate services.
They provide a wide range of real estate services to their clients. They are well positioned to leverage their company’s property management and development divisions’ depth of experience to provide enormous value to every project. They coordinate the flow of information between owners, consultants, trades, and suppliers using cutting-edge technology to precisely bring their concept to reality.
To be top real estate developers, builders, and managers, they realize the critical role that culture and values play in achieving their vision and mission. That is why they place such an emphasis on fostering a collaborative culture among their employees and partners. They also ensure that their core principles are fully interwoven into their everyday work.


Their core values highlight critical components of successfully completing tasks. They develop confidence with clients and ensure excellent turnkey projects through openness. They accept all special projects, from tiny retrofits to huge renovations. They’ll get the job done, whether it’s commercial, industrial, residential, or institutional. They take their clients’ vision and collaborate with consultants and designers to develop a product that meets the design objective and economic feasibility requirements. Source: Zehr Group

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