Diamond Schmitt Architects

Diamond Schmitt Architects was established in Toronto in 1975. They provide wide range of design and architect services.

Their fundamental goal is to shelter human activity, but the best architecture inspires new and better ways of living. Environmental, technological, and social forces are changing everything from art to education to commerce to healing and beyond. And great design has the capacity to navigate this change with boldness, invention, and beauty.

Also, they design for communities seeking to share and understand and improve the world and for each individual seeking to make a positive impact.

Recent projects

SmartVMC District Master Plan
Vaughan’s SmartVMC District is a compact, pedestrian friendly, mixed use urban community focused on transit. The 100-acre parcel is planned around Vaughan’s most recent intermodal transit hub and a linear central park 2/3 of a mile in length. The plan ensures that no resident or worker in the neighborhood is more than a 2 block walk from the green park space which defines the community.

Transforming what was a car centric environment into a walkable community required the integration of transit, a contiguous pedestrian network of public and private outdoor opens spaces, community facilities, essential retail, employment uses, and a wide range of residential typologies including rental and condominiums.

High Park Condominium
High Park is Toronto’s largest park with 400 acres of trails, playgrounds, dog parks, playing fields, and, for a short time in spring, cherry blossoms. Their design strategy, as a result, offered a building that respected the streetscape and reflected the character of its residents. To keep the building in-spirit with both the adjoining residential neighbourhoods and commercial Bloor Street, they placed retail spaces and a large courtyard at the front of the building. 

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