Downing Street Group

The Downing Street Group has acquired, repositioned and developed residential, office, commercial, land, and industrial real estate since 1986. They have also been providing advisory services in addition to both debt and equity financing to third parties across all asset classes.  The key to The Downing Street Group’s success is the execution of its four active complementary investment theses by a team with a perfect blend of industry know-how and entrepreneurial skills while providing the firm and its investors with stable and sustained risk weighted returns.

Recent projects

Parkside 1
Parkside 1 is a 116-unit stacked townhouse community located at the northeast corner of Elmsdale Drive and Ottawa Street in the Laurentian Hills neighbourhood of Kitchener, Ontario. The proposed residential development will consist of five 3.5 storey stacked townhouse buildings oriented around a central outdoor amenity space. Parking will be provided at grade including visitor spaces.

Artisan Ridge
Artisan Ridge is an all brick detached homes and towns community. The development consists of 140 singles and 23 luxury towns.

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