GBL Architects

GBL is an architects that believe success in form isn’t simply defined by a strength to endure, but through an ability to surprise over time. They design with the belief that form plays a vital role in defining experience through an ever changing dynamic between sculptural artistry and social responsibility.

At GBL architects, they are inspired by the wondrous potential of our cities, communities and people. Their hope is that their structures become active participants in society, carving out new and surprising human patterns within the cultural landscape.

Recent projects


8X is a 278 units of market residential, 110 units of market rental residential and 8,000 SF of commercial retail space and daycare facilities in Vancouver.


Archetype is a 263,000 Sq. Ft. mixed-use development comprises 81,000 SF commercial retail and office spaces, and 40,300 SF light industrial spaces, as well as 142,000 SF of residential units, including 216 market units in Vancouver.

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