Hariri Pontarini Architects

Hariri Pontarini Architects (HPA) is a full-service Canadian firm dedicated to producing work of lasting value. HPA offers its clients in-depth partner involvement through all stages of design and the breadth of building experience and technical expertise to rigorously oversee construction. HPA believes solid relationships result in strong projects. They take pride in forging lasting collaborations with all involved in the design, development and construction process.

With each commission, HPA assumes full responsibility to materialize a design vision inspiring to its occupants, attuned to its setting and respectful of stakeholder needs, client budget and timeline. Every project in their diversely scaled, award-winning portfolio reflects the HPA mission to craft architectural and urban solutions that exceed expectations, without excess.

Recent projects

The Well

The Well—as in “living, working, and playing well”—aims to shape a synergistic space where residents, workers, and neighbours enrich the urban experience for one another. Bordered by Spadina Avenue, Front, Draper, and Wellington Streets, the project injects a dynamic mix of uses into a key city-centre site. The truly mixed-use development, composed of equal parts commercial and residential space, is the missing piece that will complete the larger neighbourhood.

Square One District

Set to become the largest mixed-use development in Canadian history, the Square One District will bring a detailed framework for the development of the Square One Shopping Centre and its surrounding lands. As a continuation of past planning and design efforts, the HPA-led master plan will deliver on the vision of revitalizing the shopping centre and intensifying the 130-acre site with 37 new towers in Mississauga.

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