Andrea Kantelberg Design

Andrea Kantelberg Design

Andrea Kantelberg Design is an award-winning boutique-scale design studio based in Toronto that was founded in 1997 with a focus on interior design, healthy design, wellness, sustainability, furniture design, interior architecture, and lifestyle. They take on major projects with an emphasis on originality, quality, and excellence. Their interior design work includes private residential clients, large-scale residential structures, workplaces, restaurants, hotels, and resorts.


Andrea Kantelberg’s studio takes on interior design projects that stretch their creativity while also helping people enrich their living experience through healthy lifestyle choices. Andrea developed Evolved Living™, a design methodology that focuses on creating healthy, attractive interiors that improve your sense of well-being, nurture your spirit, feed your soul, and equip you with the foundation to live your best possible life. It is said that your home is what you bring into the world. Let yours allow you to thrive and inspire others to do the same. Andrea Kantelberg Design is eager to oversee and bring this feeling and experience to the spaces they design. Source: Andrea Kantelberg Design

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