CHIL Interior Design

CHIL Interior Design

CHIL Interior Design is the Hospitality Interior Design studio of B+H Architects, a global leader in architecture, interior design, and planning & landscape. A legacy of almost 60 years of design innovation and problem-solving has equipped B+H with a depth of knowledge, experience, and agility that helps each client they serve, wherever they are on the globe. CHIL has three worldwide hospitality interior design offices in Vancouver, Toronto, and Hong Kong, where they lead the creative parts of all hospitality interior design projects. They create exceptional luxury hotel and restaurant spaces for companies such as Accor, Shangri-La, Fairmont, Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, and Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts. CHIL also develops cutting-edge home architecture, with projects in Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, and Edmonton, as well as Seattle, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.


What began as a boutique studio more than 40 years ago has grown into a global hotel design organization. Their clients’ visions and goals influence their designs. They believe in the power of design to communicate stories, and they endeavor to transform each brand’s story into a physical environment, from the big picture to the smallest detail. They create outstanding guest experiences by using their understanding of the particular requirements of the hotel industry.

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RC at CF Richmond Centre