Commute Design Studio
Commute Design Studio, founded in 1999, is an interdisciplinary design firm that produces exciting, intelligent, and soulful environments and products. Principal Hamid Samad, who studied shoe production and design at St. Martins College in the United Kingdom, and Sara Parisotto, a Ryerson University graduate, ran the company. Commute Design decided early on that they did not want to work for a living opening boxes. They didn’t want to jeopardize their clients’ setting or brand image since they had to specify a ready-made product.


They wanted to design settings that appealed to all five senses. All of their goods, lights, and installations are created and manufactured in-house. This enables them to cater to their consumers’ specific needs. Their passion is engaging and smart design, and their strength is the ability to deliver creative solutions that go well beyond the expected. Commute leads a skilled team that is obsessed with design. Doing excellent work for a good clientele inspires them. They use a humble and personalized approach since they feel it immediately transfers to space. They feel that space should never be simplified. They give you situations in which you can feel and environments in which you can experience feelings. They are not looking for attention; the space is not about the designer, but about the end user. This has allowed them to develop a unique network of subcontractors, which includes woodworkers, metal craftsmen, photographers, graphic designers, upholsterers, pickers, antique dealers, and constructors. Source: Commute Design Studio

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