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With a global reputation for designing amazing settings that people fully and deeply experience, DesignAgency has studios in Toronto, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, and Barcelona. The level of their teamwork is critical to their success. Curiosity, international viewpoints, and a desire for innovation inform their skilled design teams. They work with their clients and local and international artists, craftspeople, and suppliers to make unique experiences and long-lasting value in the hotel, residential, commercial, and retail sectors.


Their multidisciplinary team of designers and artists is built on interior design, architectural concepting, and strategic branding. They’ve created a history of award-winning spaces and places that are guided by the three words that serve as the cornerstone of their work. Their work crosses numerous genres, clientele, concepts, and techniques, and is a true monument to the collaborative spirit. They have created a wide range of unique objects as an integral component of many projects, ranging from wall screens, graphic walls, and art pieces to collectibles, lighting, and furniture. Their in-house designers collaborate closely with local artists and manufacturers to actualize their vision, giving each project a distinct and personalized feel. In many cases, their projects necessitate custom installations based on concepts created in-house. These plans are carried out by a group of trusted collaborators and artisans who bring their visions to life. These one-of-a-kind ideas and installations provide a new perspective on the spaces they create. Source: DesignAgency

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