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Designers Edge is a leader in interior design in Calgary. They provide Interior Design, Renovations, Window Coverings, Showhomes, and Staging services. Their expert staff can oversee and assist with large-scale residential interior and common space projects for single-family, multifamily, and high-rise developments. From the foundations to the final touches, they actively collaborate with their trade partners and suppliers to make each homeowner’s project unique and customized. Designer’s Edge has served Calgary and the surrounding region for over 30 years as a specialist in window coverings, blinds, and draperies.


Ateliers Jacob is bringing the brand’s originality and superb craftsmanship, which are highly sought after in the East, to the heart of Calgary. Currently part of the Designers Edge Group of Companies. Signature Kitchen Suite Appliances offer cutting-edge technology that allows for more versatility in food preparation. Now servicing you with pride as an Alberta dealer. Source: Designer’s Edge

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