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Founded in 2007 by principals Dmytriy Pereklita and Karen Mak with offices in Toronto, Vancouver, and Hong Kong, dkstudio architects inc. is a leading international design firm. The firm’s ability to collaborate with a global spectrum of professionals and professions enables holistic delivery of comprehensive projects that balance design, sustainability, budget, and execution during the design process.


Every project is a cultural, spatial, and material investigation that seeks to elevate the bar, challenge convention, and alter industry paradigms in the realms of residential, commercial, and retail design. There is an innovative and energizing approach to the incorporation of new technology into initiatives that are rich, considerate, and environmentally responsible. dkstudio continues to seek a dynamic symbiosis between the time-honored tradition of exquisite craftsmanship and a passion for the ever-changing flux of the built environment, despite the pace and complexity of contemporary life. Source: DK Studios

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