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In Toronto, Canada, Dochia is an award-winning and fully authorized interior design studio. Our hallmark style combines culturally and aesthetically varied components with a confident, well-curated, cosmopolitan atmosphere. In 2020, Adriana Mot, a Canadian interior designer, and her team celebrated twenty years of design. With backgrounds in architecture, interior design, technical details, and art, Dochia’s team contributes extensive expertise to all facets of the project. Adriana is renowned among her clientele for her immaculate taste and ability to strike a balance between originality and pragmatism while producing effective design solutions. Adriana has been practicing interior design for over 19 years and is a provider of professional advice to Reno & Décor and Condo Life. She was a member of the ARIDO Board of Directors and is an Ontario-certified interior designer. Source: Dochia Interior Design

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