esQape Design
The esQape design team, led by Carmen Dragomir, includes interior designers with Canadian accreditations as well as architects and interior designers with architectural credentials from Eastern European and North American universities. Their diverse and different experience enables their team to approach interior design from a much larger perspective than only the indoor areas. They have the ability to shape interior settings by cooperating with architectural characteristics.


They give simple, innovative ideas, are better, faster, and less expensive, and have a distinct image. Its mission is to produce exceptional design, whether cutting-edge or classic and to give exceptional service, whether individual or corporate. Their dedication to clear communication and attention to detail promotes their ultimate pleasure and success. All project is addressed with the client’s specific objectives, priorities, and budget in mind. They make an effort to balance functionality and beauty, never sacrificing one for the other. They are intimately involved in all elements of the design process, from idea through project management and final installation, in order to achieve a unique blend of aesthetics, functionality, and costs. Source: esQape Design

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