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Flora Di Menna Designs (FDM Designs) was formed in 1987 by famous designer Flora Di Menna and has enhanced the interiors of luxury houses, corporate offices, condo and residential sales centers, and a range of hospitality facilities. The design firm has expanded in recent years to become an award-winning Toronto interior design practice with international recognition for its full-service space planning and exquisite work in a variety of private and public locations. 


Flora Di Menna and her crew are well-known for their extravagant interior designs that are completed on schedule and under budget. Clients are impressed with their immaculate execution of those concepts, thanks to FDM’s meticulous planning, obsessive attention to detail, and intelligent selection of furniture. FDM takes an individual approach to each project, ensuring that each design is suited to the specific customer and works within their budget and scope. Di Menna assembled the entire team for some projects, such as the St. Lucia SunDream estate, including architects, engineers, landscape architects, and her interior design team. They collaborated on the interior and exterior design to make the client’s idea a reality. Source: Flora di Menna Designs

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