Hudson Kruse + sons
Trevor Kruse founded Hudson Kruse, a full-service interior design company, in 1999. They believe that great design begins with a good conversation. They get to know their clients personally in order to understand their specific demands and then collaborate to achieve a fantastic outcome. They make certain that their clients’ interiors reflect who they are. Over the following 20 years, this company built stunning interiors for clients with a blend of innovation and efficiency. The company’s strong grasp of space planning, layouts, and beautiful displays has enabled customers to utilize their areas while highlighting the design. Hudson Kruse is well-known in the industry and has gained international recognition from both large-scale developers and private home clients.


In 2020, the company relaunched as Hudson Kruse + Sons, with Erica Moore of Hudson Kruse acting as acting Principal. Ms. Moore brings over a decade of professional experience, creativity, and expertise to the table, and she is eager to create solid connections with both new and existing customers. Hudson Kruse + Sons looks forward to welcoming new projects, big and small, and beginning new discussions in the design industry as it grows and moves forward.

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