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Humà Design + Architecture is a multidisciplinary team of experienced architects that work hand in hand with their young and up-and-coming colleagues, as well as award-winning designers in all fields: interiors, space, objects, urban graphics, and branding. Over the last ten years, the design team has established itself as one of Quebec’s most prominent designers, earning accolades from both peers and the national and worldwide audience.


Humà provides sophisticated and one-of-a-kind ready-to-use projects in a variety of industries, including offices, residential, commercial, institutional, industrial, retirees’ residences, urban design, and the hotel industry. Humà distinguishes itself by its ability to effectively integrate into a diverse team, as well as manage and coordinate all professions while meeting deadlines. Concerned about their architectural footprint, they want to promote more thought about infrastructure, building principles, and creative choices. They wish to raise awareness about the need for sustainable development and encourage their clients and partners to strive toward a more sustainable society, one project at a time. The firm proposes a concept of architecture that forms space while honouring its heritage in a sustainable manner. The integrated and collaborative approach of architecture, urban planning, and interior architecture therefore proposes pulling inspiration from the spirit of the area to add a new layer that understands how to gracefully integrate the patina of time and enriches the maturity of the landscape. Source: Human Design + Architecture

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