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Jill Greaves is the interior and exterior designer behind her own business, Jill Greaves Design, which specializes in both areas. She is involved in residential, commercial, and hotel construction projects around North America. Jill’s work has been published in a number of international publications, including Interior Design Magazine, House and Home, Azure, Dwell, the Globe and Mail, and Hospitality Design, owing to her skill at combining aesthetics and functionality in her customers’ living spaces. These publications are available globally. She has published fashion and interior design pieces to Reader’s Digest and Reno & Decor. Jill, who has garnered a number of awards, is recognized for producing stunning, long-lasting patterns that are suited to each customer’s tastes.


She has worked in the past for the Tiff Light Box, Sprague Hall at Yale University, the Granite Club, the National Ballet School, and the Royal Conservatory of Music, among others. They promote a collaborative strategy that maximizes the capabilities of team members. Source: Jill Greaves Design

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