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Marcel Dion Lighting Design Inc. combines these two components by utilizing their design skills and technical lighting understanding. Their design philosophy is to deliver a holistic lighting design that reflects and compliments the client’s, architects’, interior designer’s, and/or landscape architect’s vision. They can convey and explore the design process necessary for high level design settings since they have a background in interior design. They have the means to incorporate lighting within these features since they have a working understanding of architectural construction, materials, and details. They offer full-service lighting design, from interior to exterior, commercial to residential, and conceptual to construction.


They design using economically smart, sustainable, high quality and performance lighting equipment that is effortlessly integrated into the design and appropriate to the project’s needs. Furthermore, they apply their understanding of the most recent technologies and procedures to improve and reinforce each project. As a result, they focus on research and testing of all prospective lighting products, as well as ongoing education at domestic and international trade events and educational conferences, in order to stay on top of lighting industry trends and concerns. Source: Marcel Dion Lighting Design

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