Portico Design Studio
Portico Design Group, founded in 1992 by two partners, is a Vancouver-based full-service interior design firm specializing in multi-family, resort, and hotel developments in Canada and across the world. In its 20-year history, Portico has earned a reputation as a trustworthy company with consistently high-quality standards and service. Their primary method of acquiring new clients has been word of mouth. They believe that collaboration is essential for project success. They provide the greatest design solutions for each project thanks to a large in-house library and professionals that specialize in project management, documentation, and marketing. Promoting communication and cooperation at all levels helps to guarantee that your project meets or exceeds its projected completion dates.


Their team’s “bringing a place to live” process is accomplished by being informed of and sympathetic to the people who occupy the environments they build. They feel that interiors should first and foremost be welcoming and pleasant. They do this through the imaginative use of space, colour, and texture. Individually selected furnishings, intriguing artwork, and accessories complement the environment and provide a memorable experience. To mention a few of the services provided, there is finish selection, research, space planning, millwork design, construction drawings, contract administration, and visual merchandising.

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