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Stagg & Paper Interiors was founded on the notion that a well-designed home may enhance a person’s daily pleasure. Due to daycare and school closures, I (Margaret Stagg) was forced to take a leave of absence from my interior design career in March 2020 to focus on my young children. After navigating COVID and their new normal over the spring and summer, I realized I wanted to find a way to include my design work and creative side into my family life.


As an outlet for their creativity, they started making paper images of local residences in Hamilton, Ontario. This combined my technical interior design skills with my creative passion for construction, since Hamilton is full with beautiful century-old homes. Having focused my work on hotel, commercial, and multi-residential design, it was at this time in my story that I started to understand how significant their homes were to them, and I wanted to go further into those feelings and ideas. Home is where people begin, establish lasting memories, and develop into adults. Paper has always been an integral part of my creative process. Behind the scenes and before the beautiful presentation drawings, I always begin the design of a location on paper. Before commencing digital drawings, it is very advantageous from a creative standpoint to step away from the computer and capture ideas on paper. Source: Stagg & Paper Interiors

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