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U31 is an award-winning interior architecture and design firm run by creative partners Kelly Cray and Neil Jonsohn, as well as the company’s financial principal, Nancy Dyson. With over twenty years of industry experience, U31 always defies convention while aiming to satisfy clients’ demands and exceed expectations. The firm specializes in a wide range of commercial, residential, and hospitality projects for customers all over the world, including luxury homes and large-scale mixed-use buildings. U31 understands that interiors have a huge impact on people’s daily lives and that they have the power to improve how people work, live, and play. They offer unique viewpoints as a team of designers with varying experiences, resulting in distinctively enhanced surroundings. Not only that, but working with clients ensures that distinctive and original ideas are realized while adhering to the highest ethical and professional standards.


It is truly satisfying for them to be recognized by their industry peers and professionals. It validates their efforts, but more significantly, it pushes them to work harder. U31’s varied portfolio of sophisticated hotel, commercial space, and residential development projects has been recognized globally throughout North America, the United Kingdom, and the Caribbean, ranging from mixed-use development projects to large-scale luxury houses. Source: U31

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