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Through the years, Unison Group has amassed a team of talented studio members, many of whom have a background in architecture or the visual arts and all of whom have an extraordinarily diverse practice in hospitality, residential, and experiential design.
Unison Group’s extensive expertise of real estate, design, engineering, and construction enables us to approach their task with empathy. Their ability to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams has enabled them to be consistently recommended for projects of all sizes. As they have an in-depth approach to the projects they work on, they are often involved from the project start. Through early involvement, they are able to develop the project from the inside out in collaboration with all other disciplines. Their designs mirror the aspirations of their customers and are a tangible manifestation of the project’s story. Their whole body of work displays a feeling of deliberation and care and is the embodiment of the phrase “everything is possible.” The final shape of their work expresses grace, playfulness, and understated beauty. Source: Unison Group

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