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Despite their combined years of expertise and ever-growing pool of outstanding designers, Wise Nadel Design maintains the intimate feel of a boutique design agency. Despite having completed hundreds of projects, ranging from statement residences to large-scale complexes, their client-centric approach remains the standard against which they judge all of their work. Every project conducted by Wise Nadel Design is supervised by the firm’s two founders, from the conception of the original idea through the finishing touches. Their customers are aware that Robin and Harvey are never more than an arm’s length away, regardless of whatever team is established to oversee the day-to-day design work. The outcome is a multi-tiered support system that is always available, as well as aesthetic and quality consistency in the design output.


In addition to the quality of its work, the firm’s reputation is based on the enduring relationships it has cultivated over many years in the industry. Their objective has always been to cultivate symbiotic partnerships with some of the city’s finest builders, tradesmen, and suppliers, assisting them in executing their ideas in a manner that is efficient, cost-effective, and consistent with their high standards and attention to detail. They are very proud of these ties and consider them to be their most valuable assets. But most importantly, they take pleasure in the quality of their work, the amazing patterns they create, and the endless compliments from delighted customers. Source: Wise Nadel Design

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