Looney Ricks Kiss Inc

Looney Ricks Kiss Inc ‘s (“LRK”) successful integration of planning, research, architecture, sustainable, and interior design has evolved naturally from a collaborative spirit to develop inspiring spaces. They understand that openness and trusting relationships are essential to exceptional projects. They know success is not built by a portfolio, but by people.

LRK designs public places and private spaces. Covering the broadest spectrum of building types and locations, the firm combines knowledge and talent in multiple design disciplines with sound business practices. Whether designing a home, museum, ballpark, village center, neighborhood or urban redevelopment, LRK’s expertise is an architecture that engages people, nurtures community and enhances urban life.

Recent projects

Mount Pleasant Village
LRK worked with a multi-disciplinary team to prepare a 1,800-acre urban design framework plan along with a detailed station area plan. This Transit-Oriented Development community is located around a GO train and bus multi-modal station, a 40-minute train ride from downtown Toronto. The goal was to create a sustainable community with a range of housing choices, achieving value and livability with existing market-tested building types at densities that support 10-minute headways along designated local bus corridors. This flexible plan provides for the phased expansion of transit service in line with build-out of the development program.

Lake District, Lakeland, TN
The Lake District is located on the former site of the Belz Factory Outlet Mall. The 160-acre community is centered around a 10-acre lake and will offer a range of housing types from senior living, downtown-style lofts and single-family homes, high-end retail and grocery, restaurants and cafes, two modern hotels, and 65,000 square feet of office space.

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