Lucas Design Interiors

Lucas Design Interiors is founded by David, Suzie and Rachel Lucas—a trio of New York-native siblings and collaborators now based in the Pacific Northwest—their interior design studio specializes in the creation of personal sanctuaries. Their process yields spaces that are uniquely centered on the ways people live and work, entertain and unwind.

They believe the design process should be a conversation and welcome a collaborative style of working. They will guide their through the details of the concept, sourcing and installation, so clients will feel confident in the decisions they make together.

Recent projects

De La Costa
Inspired by the feel of boating along the coast, this home serves as both a private sanctuary and a place for all to gather. Notable for the 50-foot sliding glass wall on the main floor, indoor-to-outdoor transitions and precision detailing in multiple materials.

Woods Cove
Built in 1961 and designed by famed Architect J. Herbert Brownell, the remodel honors the original structure while showcasing the clients’ passion for world travel, culture and artifacts. The darker palette is something a little less expected for Southern California, rich with texture and character.

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