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MAED Collective

Founded in 2017, MAED. COLLECTIVE is an all-female interior design firm located in the cosmopolitan hub of Toronto, Canada. Internationally famed for its contemporary artistry, engineered through the synthesis of sustainable and curated design solutions, MAED. COLLECTIVE is led by Founder and Principal Corinne Huard in collaboration with The “Next-Gen” powerhouse design team. From the Exchange District Condominiums for leading development group CAMROST FELCORP in Mississauga, the exotic and distinctively meaningful Six Senses resort in Galapagos, and Moxy by Marriott in Sydney, MAED. COLLECTIVE boasts an extensive portfolio of rare properties aligning with commercial, residential, and lifestyle hospitality developments worldwide. Divergent amongst the masses, MAED. COLLECTIVE offers an all-inclusive suite of delicately executed interior aesthetic services that transcend client and end-user aspirations. The MAED. team values collaboration as the momentum in the successful execution of all projects and fostering meaningful relationships with global innovators to create unrivalled excellence.