Mason Studio

Mason Studio is based in Toronto, with a practice that spans the world, they create award-winning luxury hospitality, retail, and multi-unit residential design projects, to experimental exhibitions. With every project, they seek to broaden our insights to enrich the everyone lives.

Their talented team of design professionals works collaboratively with their clients to create unconventional solutions and a renewed perspective of everyday spaces. Mason Studio brings international experience with expertise from design development, technical drawing to construction coordination.

Recent projects

Bayview Residence
A home in Aurora Ontario was reimagined to create contemporary interior spaces while complimenting traditional architectural details. For this large home, creating intimate spaces for the small family of three that reflected luxury and casual lifestyle concept. The design concept considered the existing building heritage while complementing the home with a modern approach. 

Common Collective Concept
A design-forward housing development that is meant to address multiple permeating societal issues, including: social isolation and loneliness, limited or ineffective housing options for an aging population and an inaccessible housing market for many millennials. The concept encourages generations to connect, combine resources and foster a deeper community life together under one roof. Each suite is
designed to accommodate individual needs. 

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