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McKinley Burkart

McKinley Burkart is a Canadian multi-disciplinary design firm specializing in fully integrated architectural and interior design. Our experience spans a vast range of projects; from restaurants to hotel + resort, residential and retail to the workplace. Our firm is differentiated by collaboration, our commitment to the life-changing value of design and our belief that design is a cultural rather than artistic act.

Creative excellence, customer service and the highest standards of execution define who we are.

Recent projects

Mountain Cabin
As avid snowboarders, the residents of a recreational home at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort wanted a house that had both respect for, and presence in the rugged mountain landscape. The home features plan elements that weave in and out of the massive heavy timber superstructure. Architectural elements such as the extensive use of wood paneling on the walls and the heavy timbers on the low ceiling help to create a warm and inviting feel within the cold Rocky Mountains. McKinley Burkart headed both the interior design and architecture on this project and it has recently been used as the backdrop for a major clothing label’s winter catalogue.

Shaw Court Executive Floors 
Shaw Communications, one of Western Canada’s major telecommunications and broadcasting corporations, selected McKinley Burkart to redesign the company’s two executive floors in the “Shaw Court” headquarters. The irregular shaped building with a large central atrium provided direct visual access between floors, so it was important for the brand to be communicated consistently from the main floor up to the executive levels. Working with Shaw’s internal design team, McKinley Burkart worked to create a design that was cohesive with the rest of the floors while demonstrating an attention to detail and luxury appropriate for the executive users.