NEUF architect(e)s

NEUF architect(e)s is an architect firm in the past 50 years. They are proud to celebrate this unique event with its partners, the firm shares old memories and creates new ones: from time capsules and behind-the-scenes footage to university scholarships and international studios. They have diversity of collaborations and projects completed over the last fifty years throughout Quebec, Canada, and beyond.

Recent projects

Located in the pulsing Bell Centre neighbourhood, The Solstice is a residential tower that mediates between the vastly different scales of downtown Montreal. The 34-storey tower is comprised of two intersecting volumes clad in contrasting shades of glass. Balconies fill the voids left by the volumes at opposite corners, offering privacy and shelter to these outdoor spaces.

628 Saint-Jacques
628 Saint-Jacques is facing the Montreal Stock Exchange Tower, right in the heart of Square Victoria. This 36-storey, 250-unit high-end tower uses contemporary design trends while drawing on the neighbourhood’s past.

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