New 7000 Seat Arena Improving Entertainment options in Toronto

     Downtown Toronto is already home to some of the entertainment highlights of the city with places like the Scotiabank arena and the Rogers Center. This last month the architect studio Populous and Overactive Media Group has announced a new multi-purpose arena that will be located in the Canadian National Exhibit Grounds in Princes Boulevard Toronto. Populous is a world-renowned developer having designed stadiums for the Yankee’s, London Olympics, and multiple Superbowl arenas such as the Statefarm Stadium back in 2006.  Overactive Media is a global esports and entertainment organization owning and partnering with many esports leagues around the world with multiple genres.  This stadium is expected to be finished sometime in 2025 and will seat at least 7000 people at max capacity. This facility is expected to host over 200 events a year from conventions, corporate events, award shows, concerts, and the new trend of esports events. The project is current unnamed but is expected to create a new standard for unrivaled levels of entertainment.

     This stadium would be the first venue built since the BMO field in 2007. This would be huge for the entertainment industry in Toronto as a hot new and modern arena will surely bring many performers and events of the like to the city. This would create many jobs and opportunities to those who live in the area as they would need to find many people to fill many positions of all levels. Positioned near Lakeshore Blvd and near the old Ontario Place lands, this arena could help fill the void for entertainment that the old park brought. Living in the surrounding area could bring massive upside to property value and this would be the next hotspot area to live in. Following trends of properties near the other major venues like the Scotiabank and the Rogers Center; these properties always highly valued due to their desirability.

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