Niche Development

Niche Development is an ethical development company, inspired by sustainability, durability and zero energy innovation. As Western Canada’s premier zero energy developer, they understand the need to change how they live, travel and consume.

They recognize that now is the time to start on the path towards zero energy living in their personal lives, in their businesses and community developments. They believe everyone has a role in environmental stewardship, and zero energy living is the best way to advocate for a social and economical shift towards real sustainability.

Recent projects

Saint [A]
Saint [A] is located at the entrance to downtown, next to the community of Braeside, one the first neighbourhoods established in St. Albert. Braeside is a picturesque, mature, walkable community on the banks of the Sturgeon River, known for its lush and plentiful green spaces and proximity to downtown. The development applied zero emission technology achieves a complete geothermal solution, eliminating the dependency on fossil fuels for heating, cooling and air circulation.

Nest Lofts
Nest Lofts is to create a space that welcomed the outside in. A space that harmonized with nature and embraces the advantages of simple, sustainable, contemporary living. Nest Lofts are ultimately an extension of their brand promise and our zero energy initiative.

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